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Discovery Client™



Discovery Client is a small Windows application that users can use to search and read the off-line messages. The client can read the ASCII output files created by Group Discovery and Personal Discovery, as well as read the data stored in the Oracle database created by Enterprise Discovery, Real-Time Discovery, and Internet Discovery. The Discovery Client has 2 user interfaces:  GroupWise 5/6.0 look-and-feel or GroupWise 6.5 look-and-feel, depending on what your users are used to using. The functionality is the same in both interfaces. This solution is ideal for users who:






Need to search and view large amounts of email records



Want a familiar interface to search and read their off-line archive







The Discovery Client has the familiar GroupWise 5/6 user interface:














The Discovery Client has the familiar GroupWise 6.5 user interface:














The search interface in Discovery Client is familiar to GroupWise users:












System Requirements


Minimum recommended memory: 8MB RAM on PC


Minimum hard disk space: 500k


Windows versions: 95/98/NT4 SP4 or later/2000/XP








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