Personal Discovery™



Personal Discovery is a Windows application geared towards a single user who wants to create a personal copy of their email. The output format is the same standards based ASCII text format as Group Discovery, and can be read by the Discovery Client. This solution is ideal for end users who:






Are leaving an organization and want to take their mail with them.



Archiving inactive accounts to free up GroupWise user licenses



Create a standards-based GroupWise-independent archive of their email







Users can export messages from their primary account, their archive account, or any account they have proxy rights to:














Users have a familiar interface for setting search criteria:














The Personal Discovery output format is a standards based ASCII text format. This allows any text editor to open and read the email message file. The included Discovery ClientTM can read these ASCII files and render the email information in a GroupWise client look-and-feel.  The following is an example of the ASCII text file:

<Fr>:Sue Kimball
<Su>:Product Requirements

<From>:Sue Kimball
<TO>:Debbie Bagley
<Message Type>:Message
<Creation Date>:12/30/2002 12:30 PM
<Subject>:Product Requirements
<Attachment>:  Product Requirements\prd.pdf


Attached is the PRD you wanted.  If you have any questions, please let me know.










System Requirements


Minimum recommended memory: 256 MB RAM free on PC


Minimum hard disk space: 4 MB


GroupWise versions: 6.5 - 2014 R2


Windows versions: XP/7/8.1/10








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