Do you know what your employees are saying and sharing via email? Nexic Forensics provides a secure and easy-to-use way for managers, investigators, or legal auditors to search, save, print and review messages from approved email accounts.
  Real-time surveillance of sent, received, posted or draft messages
  Undetected by end user being investigated
  Auditing of actions performed by investigator
  Multiple levels of security to prevent unauthorized access to user accounts
  Search for email matching keyword or phrase text, recipients, attachment, date ranges, etc.
  Investigators can save, print, export, or forward messages based on access rights
Criminal Email Investigation
Email is the primary form of communication for many organizations, and unfortunately not all messages are legal or inline with the organization’s acceptable email policies.  Email users often blur the line between personal email and business email, sending and receiving personal messages using an organization’s email system.  Due to the casual nature of email communications, email exposes an organizations to many security, unethical or legal situations it may prefer to avoid.  Confidential information is leaked using email.  Sexual harassment is often based on email.  Criminal communications take place via email. Users use GroupWise as another hard drive, sharing large MP3 or graphic files.  Real-time email surveillance with Nexic Forensics help managers and legal departments easily keep tabs on potentially criminal or unauthorized email activity in their organization.
Evidence.  Enforcing legal action as a result of unacceptable email behavior must be based on strong evidence.  Analyzing and tracking potentially unacceptable email behavior requires powerful tools to identify potential evidence.  Surveillance must not be detected by the end user.  Nexic Forensics uses state-of-the-art technology to search, save and review potentially incriminating email messages within a GroupWise email system.  Messages can be exported into various formats, printed, or forwarded to another user.
Security is not an after-thought with Forensics.  Forensics was designed from the beginning to provide tight security when accessing accounts and contains numerous security controls to keep unwanted users from accessing other email accounts.  Only users that have been granted specific access rights can connect to and read other users’ email.  Specific rights can be granted, limited to certain dates, automatic expiration of rights, and user auditing can all be configured and enabled by the administrator.  Nexic Investigation Control allows a system administrator to select users, define rights and control who has access to specific user accounts.  Administrators can define a policy to grant certain users in HR or the legal department access to everyone’s email account, or define a policy to grant access to only one user to read his direct reports’ email accounts for a period of 30 days.  Numerous access right policies can be defined.
Simple but powerful.  Nexic Forensics exposes email from GroupWise user accounts in an interface nearly identical to the GroupWise Windows client, virtually eliminating the need for end-user training.  Viewing, searching, reading, printing, saving are all designed to look and act just like they do in the GroupWise Windows client.
Experience.  Most Nexic engineers worked for Novell for many years, specifically with GroupWise.  Experience gained by designing, reviewing, and writing the external GroupWise APIs is something that can’t be learned by reading the online developer kit.  Nexic Forensics is based  on over a decade of experience and proven technology, and is the only product available to provide a high level of security when searching GroupWise accounts within a familiar GroupWise interface.  Forensics was written by GroupWise users for GroupWise users.