Google Vault

Complete email security and archiving in one package

With Nexic Journaling, GroupWise users can journal email to Google Vault, a centralized, hosted archive powered by Postini. Google Vault creates a secure and searchable email archive without making a significant infrastructure investment by storing messages in the cloud. Locate pertinent messages quickly and comprehensively even as your email volumes and compliance requirements grow. Leverage cloud services to reduce maintenance, protect bandwidth, and free up resources to work on strategic business initiatives.

Product Summary

Google Vault is a secure, hosted service that provides enterprise-grade spam and virus protection as well as comprehensive email archiving for organizations looking for cost-effective email management and significant advantages over onsite server or media-based email archiving. Google Vault lets you:
  create a centralized and searchable email repository for your organization
  quickly search across the archive to find emails and save result sets
  secure your email from spam, viruses, phishing, and other email-borne threats
  set central email policies to manage content and compliance requirements
Google Vault is hosted in the cloud and built on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, so there's no need to forecast or plan for future storage needs. Google's secure and redundant data centers keep your messages fully protected and backed up, removing the risk of loss due to onsite server failure. Data ownership remains with your organization so you retain the control over your information.

You can archive mail without worrying about disk space, and can eliminate storage quota headaches by giving users easy access to archived email. What's more, by removing aged mail from your servers, you can decrease both backup windows and recovery times.

Google Vault also includes a complete set of email security features, so you can provide the highest levels of security for your email systems – without installing expensive hardware or software. This lets you block spam, viruses, and other external threats before they reach your organization and ensure proprietary information that must remain confidential stays within your organization.

Key Features

  Secure and redundant Ensure availability and redundancy by leveraging Google's network of secure, energy-efficient data centers. Minimize costly on-premise infrastructure and reduce IT maintenance
  Scalable Unlimited capacity without additional administration and contracts
  Easy access and findability Quickly pinpoint specific email without having to search multiple data sources
  Export result sets Quickly export messages or message sets into PST and MBOX formats
  Manage retention policies Reduce risks by implementing auditable email retention policies and preserve message sets beyond the retention period when required
  End user archive access Allow end users to access their own personal archive through a web-based interface or an MS Outlook toolbar, without IT assistance
  Archive activity reports View log reports of all archive activity including searches and exports from the archive for compliance needs
  Spam and virus protection Provide market-leading email security including real-time spam and virus protection and content filtering for inbound and outbound email
  Domain-to-domain encryption Transmit secure messages with policy-based Transport Layer Security protocols
  Intelligent routing Easily route email traffic to de-centralized data center locations
Google Vault enables you to manage, protect, and access needed archival messages by providing:

1. Comprehensive message capture: Messages are routed in real time to Google's secure data centers via the common envelope journaling capability on your email server. Alternatively, inbound and outbound email can be archived as part of the overall processing Google performs during our real-time threat analysis.

2. "Always on, always current" Message Security: Routing messages through Google's market-leading Message Security functionality provides real-time threat protection, virus detection, content-based filtering, and policy-enforced TLS encryption.

3. Secure hosted archiving: Messages and their attachments are stored and indexed in a central repository. Retention policy management enables IT to set policies at the user or organization to meet internal and external retention requirements.

4. Search and extraction: Permission-based access provides authorized individuals with advanced tools to quickly and easily search, place holds on results, and extract relevant email.

5. Extensive Reporting: Usage and audit reporting provides the information necessary to monitor all activities that occur within the company archive.

System Requirements

Google Vault supports the following mail servers:

  • Novell GroupWise 7.03 and later, 8.01 and later, 2012, and 2014
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2000 and 2003 Standard or Enterprise Edition
  • Microsoft Small Business Server with Exchange Server 2000 or 2003 Standard Edition
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
  • Lotus Domino 6.5–7x
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