Nexic Journaling was designed to search for and send copies of email to other archiving solutions, hosted or appliance based, that support the standards-based SMTP format, as well as the Microsoft Exchange Journaling format. Nexic Journaling is a middle tier agent that takes advantage of Nexic’s extensive experience with GroupWise and with archiving email. Journaling connects to a GroupWise system, and searches for, then sends copies of the email to a SMTP server, such as Symantec Enterprise Vault.cloud or Google Vault. This ability allows other third-party archiving solutions to fully support GroupWise without having to add any additional functionality.

Journaling takes advantage of low-level, native GroupWise programming interfaces to search for and copy messages within GroupWise. Journaling then sends a copy of the message and associated file attachments in MIME format via the SMTP protocol (using SSL/TLS encryption) to the third-party SMTP server. This functionality mirrors how Microsoft Exchange journals internal Exchange messages to external SMTP servers.

In addition to journaling messages from a live GroupWise system, Nexic Journaling can journal historical email directly from a backup copy of GroupWise, without the need of a GroupWise Post Office Agent. Journaling can also journal messages from GroupWise personal archives. In short: live, historical or personally archived messages can be journaled to virtually any offline solution that supports SMTP.

Nexic Journaling is simple to use, yet has many features to aid in identifying what messages to retrieve and how to send those messages.

  Archive messages for specific users, groups, entire post offices, domains, or the entire system.
  All message sub-types, or limit to mail, appointment, task, notes, or phone messages.
  Messages to be archived can be limited to specific dates ranges (eg. for historical journaling)
  File attachments can be limited by size, or file type, so large log or movie files are not archived.
  All messages in an account can be archived, whether they were sent or retrieved, by internal or external users.
For organizations desiring an offsite, hosted email archiving solution, Nexic Journaling journals GroupWise email to hosted solutions like Symantec Enterprise Vault.cloud, Google Vault, Smarsh Email Management Suite, and many others. For organizations desiring an in-house, appliance-based archive, Journaling can also send messages to appliance solutions such as ArcMail Technology's Defender.

Nexic Journaling is the result of over a decade of experience in archiving email, and working closely with Novell and GroupWise, and with newer technologies from Google, ArcMail and other third-party products.