Smarsh Hosted Email Archiving

Flagship of the Smarsh Email Management Suite

Nexic Journaling transfers GroupWise email to Smarsh’s hosted email archiving and email compliance solution. The Smarsh hosted email archiving and email compliance solution will capture every email (and attachment) that enters or leaves your organization, as well as internal messages, and preserve them all in evidentiary-quality form in a central repository (an email archive for email retention). Within the Web-based Smarsh Management Console, administrators leverage best-in-class search, supervision and on-demand export functionality, crucial for archiving email, and fulfilling email archiving requirements for regulatory compliance.

Product Summary

Smarsh solutions for classification and supervision efficiency, data-leak prevention and email encryption were designed to integrate with the Smarsh email archiving platform. All services, including the Smarsh email archiving solution, within the integrated suite are centrally administrated through the Smarsh Management Console. Permissioned administrators can review electronic communication, implement classification, data-leak prevention and encryption policies, and analyze the effectiveness of enforcement procedures through comprehensive and customizable reporting. The Smarsh Management Console was built from the ground-up for the purpose of email retention to fulfill a multitude of email archiving requirements for companies in regulated industries. As email archiving requirements and email retention laws evolve and change, the Smarsh Management Console is flexible enough to keep up with regulators.
  Broker-dealers: Email archiving and electronic message archiving and compliance solutions for brokers and financial firms regulated by FINRA
  Investment Advisors: Solutions for registered investment advisers (RIAs) and firms regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission
  Private Funds: Electronic message archiving and supervision tools for hedge funds and private equity firms registered (or registering) with the SEC
  Government/Education: Archiving solutions designed to help entities meet the myriad challenges created by the proliferation of electronic messages.
Administrators can search across their email archive and electronic message archives based
on virtually any criteria, either ad-hoc or on a consistent, systematic basis.

Key Features

  Robust Field Search:Smarsh indexes the entire electronic message, and enables search by Boolean combinations of virtually every associated field, including: text/HTML body, subject, sender, recipient (including CC, BCC & distribution lists), message date and time, headers (including IP address), attachment type, attachment name, attachment contents (for approximately 400 file types).
  Saved Searches:Save search criteria and repeat searches for convenience, consistency and evidence of policy enforcement.
  eDiscovery Searches:Run robust ad-hoc discovery searches for one-time instances.
  Support for Multiple Lexicon Lists:Clients can customize company-approved lexicons of keywords/phrases for search and/or start with a default list provided by Smarsh.
  Multiple Email Addresses, Aliases:Search traffic of an unlimited number of email addresses per employee.
  Immediate Search Results:Once the desired emails have been identified in the archive’s search page, they can be immediately viewed online, downloaded directly to a PC, or encrypted and copied to portable electronic media.
  Personal Archive Access:End-users may access their personal email archive securely from any web browser, mobile device, or an integrated email client plug-in, and they can search their own archives based on a variety of criteria including keywords, sender, recipient, date range etc. Once messages have been located, users can drag and drop messages, restoring them to their live mailbox (with original timestamp), download, forward, reply, file (tag) and more. End users also have access to customizable saved searches and other tools to conveniently provide access to historical messages.

Security & Privacy

You always maintain ownership and control of your data. Multiple physical, procedural and technical safeguards are in place to protect and limit access to your data. Smarsh data centers are redundant, geographically-dispersed and SAS 70 (Type II) audited. All systems are protected by multi-tiered firewalls and proactively monitored within the Smarsh Network Operations Center. Encrypted access to your data is granted only to your firm’s approved system administrators.
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