Symantec Enterprise

Archiving and eDiscovery

Nexic Journaling transfers GroupWise email to Symantec Enterprise, a proven leader in the archiving space for over a decade. Symantec Enterprise is designed to help companies of all sizes address the challenges of mailbox management, email continuity, legal discovery, and regulatory compliance, with the ease and efficiency of a purely hosted service.

Product Summary

Enterprise offers a worry–free approach to mailbox management, benefiting both IT personnel and end-users. In fact, by providing unlimited email storage and retention in redundant, Tier 4 datacenters, Enterprise enables email administrators to confidently prune entire messages and attachments directly from the mail server by leveraging native policy capabilities. End-users maintain rapid access to their archived content, benefiting from virtually unlimited mailboxes. IT administrators are able to significantly reduce the email server storage footprint, improving server performance and reducing the backup window.

Enterprise offers a low upfront investment that requires minimal maintenance while delivering a fast and intuitive user experience. All for a predictable flat service fee.

  Improved server performance & reduced backup windows
  Rapid email access & retrieval
  No mailbox size limits for end users
  Low upfront investment & total cost of ownership
  Flat fee per mailbox per month, including service upgrades
  Stay protected from on-premise disasters
  Reduce the risk of losing data generated since your last backup was performed
  Achieve rapid recovery

Enterprise significantly reduces the burden on IT by enabling legal personnel to independently perform legal holds, share the review workload across multiple reviewers, and quickly respond to eDiscovery requests.

Key Features

  Store and index every email, attachment, IM and Blackberry message (SMS text, PIN-to-PIN, call log) in a searchable, online repository
  Accelerate legal discovery and HR inquires with real-time search and retrieval and multiple export capabilities
  Enforce email preservation for lawsuits/legal holds, and protect attorney-client privileged communications

Confidentiality is designed and architected to help prevent unauthorized users from accessing information within the service delivery infrastructure. In addition, Enterprise supports industry standard encryption protocols in the form of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) to help prevent customer data from being modified during transmission.


Enterpise is designed to help prevent customer data from being altered during transmission using the same standards of transport layer encryption used to maintain confidentiality. Customer data is encrypted at rest as well as segregated within the storage archive. Additionally, multiple layers of control are provided including the provisioning of unique customer journal address, database IDs, and storage partitions.

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