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Exporting Novell GroupWise® information to an industry standard format is quickly becoming a requirement for organizations. Many administrators have users with GroupWise archives that are just too large.  Reducing the size of these files is critical, because of backup and space requirements. They would like to extract the data into a format that is easy for the end user to read, yet is an industry standard so it can be accessed in years to come. Nexic Personal Publisher™ provides a simple yet powerful interface for publishing your GroupWise mail, appointments, tasks, and notes to various formats.




Publishing messages within shared folders to the web, publishing messages to a common file location to allow public access, publishing project tasks messages which contain a specific categorization, or publishing the sender's e-mail addresses for all the messages you received are but a few of the possible uses for Nexic Personal Publisher.





Using the HTML Account List format, you can create a true archive of your account that can be accessed from any browser.  The output is similar to the GroupWise 6 WebAccess layout to reduce training needs. Attachments and embedded messages can be included.




The Personal Publisher is a "stand-alone" application that does not require the client to be running. After you login to your GroupWise account, you can specify various options to filter the messages to search for.




Personal Publisher was designed to support multiple output formats including:



GroupWise Format - ASCII Text



ASCII Delimited



WordPerfect Secondary Merge



HTML Mail List



HTML Multi-Day List



HTML Account List




You can specify the messages to be published in the following ways:



Message type (Mail, Notes, Appointments, Tasks, Phone)



Message location (Received, Sent, Personal, Draft)






Nexic Category



Private items



Proxy or Multiple Users



GroupWise Client Message List




If you want to publish messages to multiple files, you can specify how the filename is to be created. It can be a unique number, the subject text, or a combination of both. You can specify the file extension as well.  If you have manually created a list of messages within the GroupWise client (filter, query folder, etc.) you can specify that the message list in the client be used when you publish.




Some database programs have very specific format requirements. If you have specific requirements for what fields are published and in what order, you can easily specify these options. If you need field names published with your data, you can use default field names or specify your own. You can even specify the data and time formats to use. For the ASCII Delimited format, you can specify all aspects of the file, including field and record delimiters, encapsulation and strip characters, etc.




Our publisher engine technology allows us to create many types of output formats. If you have a specific format of your own, contact us and we'll create that custom format for you.




System Requirements


Minimum recommended memory: 256MB RAM free on PC


Minimum hard disk space: 4MB


Windows versions: XP/7/8.1/10


GroupWise versions: 6.5 - 2014 R2








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