It is critical to any disaster recovery plan to be able to backup your GroupWise databases. Most organizations have a backup plan in place. Unfortunately for most organizations, restoring from those backups is another thing. Being able to efficiently backup GroupWise, easily restore a backup, and easily give end-users access to their backup are the driving forces behind Nexic Disaster Recovery.
  Backup up your data Now! Disaster Recovery's configuration design and usability enhancements make it so you can install, configure and start backing up databases within 5 minutes!
  Single button restore capability. With the click of a button, administrators can make any backup visible to end-users, allowing users to search for and recover deleted messages on their own.
  Multi-platform support - No dependency on Linux - no Linux expertise or special Linux server is required. Disaster Recovery can backup GroupWise databases hosted on NetWare, Linux or Windows.
  Significantly decrease the amount of time required for backups due to Disaster Recovery's high performance design and tight integration with GroupWise.
  Create full backups - several times daily if needed, using full or incremental backup technologies.
  Users can search, save and restore messages from a Nexic Disaster Recovery backup within seconds, using two different methods: Quick Restore Mode or Disaster Recovery Mode using the GroupWise Restore Area.
  Native integration with Nexic Discovery's archiving engine to maximize the benefits of a backup/archive combination.
  Tight integration between Disaster Recovery backup jobs and Discovery archiving jobs. No Post Office Agent, server or extra software is needed to archive messages from a Disaster Recovery backup. Just point it to the backup directory and start the archive job
  Integration with third party applications for interacting with a backup job before, during or after a backup takes place. Disaster Recovery's integration API can work with a custom Windows DLL, native OS specific executables, macros or scripts.
Easy To Use Nexic Disaster Recovery Console is an easy to use interface for defining, monitoring or restoring backup images. Is it really that easy? YES! Ease of use is a major priority for us when designing how users will configure and use our applications. Nexic Disaster Recovery's Console easily allows you to define locations, options, and integrations all within a user friendly, easy to understand interface. With our Quick Start guide, you can install and be up and running within minutes. Is the single button restore for real? YES! All you have to do is select the backup image you want to restore and press Start. The end-user can then access their account in the backup. You can also easily configure alternate options and settings for each restore.