Solutions for GroupWise®

Email Archiving & Retention

with Nexic Discovery™

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Powerful Features for Archiving and Searching GroupWise Email

On-premise, SQL-based archive for long-term storage easily accessible by users and auditors. Optionally, for market specific retention compliance, keep the power of your GroupWise system but add the ability to journal GroupWise email to Microsoft® Office 365 cloud-based archive providers to comply with industry specific regulations.

Secure and Reliable

Discovery is an on-premise solution that stores archived GroupWise messages in MySQL® or Oracle® databases. Install, configure and forget - let your archiving jobs automatically export up to date copies of GroupWise email. Discovery and Journaling integrate with email retention policies defined in GroupWise.

Fast and Powerful Text Searches

Searching for archived email is fast! Discovery leverages the power of Sphinx Search® open source full-text indexing, allowing users and auditors to search through hundreds of thousands of archived emails in mere seconds. Advanced search syntax also allows for custom searches.

Familiar Look and Feel

Simplified user experience for configuring archiving jobs, and browsing or searching archived email. Nexic Archive Client™ was designed to look and act like the GroupWise Windows® client to reduce the need to train users on how to search their archive. Nexic Web Archive™ client likewise has a familiar Web Access look and feel.

Tens of millions of GroupWise email messages have been archived by Nexic Discovery™ or Nexic Journaling™, world-wide.